Lean UX is inspired by lean startups and agile development theories. It is the practice of bringing the true nature of design work to light faster, in a collaborative, cross functional way with less emphasis on deliverables & greater focus on the actual experience being designed. We like the practical aspects of the lean UX methodology for testing new ideas & improving product experiences. Implementing lean UX within an ongoing agile process is difficult & in some cases, not practical. We use the solution-based approach of the lean UX process with the iteration methods which compounds Agile.

Welcome to the world of human powered "Lean mean UX machine".

Collaborative design based on the hypothesis

1. Affinity mapping
2. Design studio

Writing hypothesis statements

1. Problem statement
2. Business outcomes
3. User outcomes
4. Product features
5. Personas
6. Hypothesis table
7. Hypothesis statements

Gathering the list of documents

1. Analytics report that shows the product/feature usage. 
2. Usability report that illustrates how the users are taking certain actions or using the feature.  
3. Information about past attempts to fix the current issue & its success/failures. 
4. What does success look like for the module/product/brand/company.
5. Competitive analysis showing how the competition is tackling the same issues. 
6. App review analysis from App/PlayStore.  
7. User interviews (remote).

Gathering feedback

In person & remote user interviews
Optimal Workshop
UserCrowd tests


G Suite

Prototyping tools

Adobe AfterEffects
Principle app
Framer & X

List of services we do not offer

  • 🚫 We are not a service design company.
  • 🚫 We are not a user research company.
  • 🚫 We do not work in a agile scrum process.
  • 🚫 We do not do any spec work by analysing PRDs.
  • 🚫 We do not provide design variations for business review meetings.
  • 🚫 We do not work on website/app development.
  • 🚫 We do not provide expert evaluations.
  • 🚫 We do not have any ninjas or super powers.
  • 🚫 We do not conduct any trainings /workshops.